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    This application is still in the beta stage, frequent app updates and additional information will be added. There is now a Paid version of this beta, which has all the formula solving power. The free version will now only contain the formula itself.

    That being said this is a reference app (well, soon to be applications suite) which helps users solve math problems and understand general science, for education and Do-It-Yourselfers. This beta application is being published in hopes of getting a wider base of test devices and to identify any potential bugs in the software. Be aware that some information may not be present in this application. Feel free to contact me with suggestions or information about bugs.

    What is in this app:

    Air and Gases:
    - Perfect Gas Law
    - Boyle's Law
    - Charles' Law
    - Dalton's Law of Partial Pressures
    - Graham's Law of Diffusion
    - Avogadro's Law
    - Air Velocity in a Pipe
    - Air Volume Discharged from Pipe
    - Theoretical Horsepower to Compress Air
    - Density of Moist Air

    - Engine Displacement
    - CFM 4 - Stroke Engine Carburetor Air Flow
    - Estimated Speed Based on Skid Marks

    Carpentry / Construction:
    - Board Feet Equation
    - Cubic Volume for Concrete

    - Ohms Law
    - Voltage Drop
    - Torque in Inch Pounds Force

    - Single Layer Coil
    - Multiple Layer Coil
    - Multiple Layer, Single Row Coil
    - Ohm's Law (DC Current)
    - Resistors in Series (values in ohms)
    - Two Resistors in Parallel (values in ohms)
    - Multiple Resistors in Parallel (values in ohms)
    - Ohms Law (AC Current)
    - Resonance
    - Reactance
    - Impedance
    - Susceptance
    - Admittance
    - Power Factor
    - Q or Figure of Merit
    - Efficiency of any Device
    - Sine Wave Voltage and Current
    - Decibels
    - Capcitors in Parallel (valus in any farad)
    - Two Capacitors in Series (values in any farad)
    - Multiple Capacitors in Series (values in farads)
    - Quantity of Electricity in a Capacitor
    - Capacitance of a Capacitor
    - Self Inductance
    - Frequency and Wavelength
    - Length of an Antenna
    - LCR Series Time Circuits
    - 70 Volt Loudspeaker Matching Transformer
    - Time Duration of One Cycle

    All Relevant Mathematical Constants!!

    - Temperature Conversions
    - Body Mass Index
    - Acutal Cost of Heat for Fuel
    - Acceleration Due to Gravity

    Coming soon in General Mathematics
    - Right Triangle Formulas
    - Oblique Triangle Formulas
    - Rectangle
    - Parallelogram
    - Trapezoid
    - Quadrilateral
    - Trapezium
    - Equilateral Triangle
    - Annulus
    - Regular Polygons
    - Circle
    - Sector of Circle
    - Segment of Circle
    - Circular Zone
    - Hollow Circle Sector
    - Fillet
    - Parabola
    - Ellipse
    - Parallelopiped or Cube
    - Prisms
    - Right Cylinder
    - Frustum of a Right Cylinder
    - Right Cone
    - Right Pyramid
    - Sphere
    - Circular Ring
    - Paraboloid
    - Ellipsoid and Spheroid

    And much much more

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