Super Spelling Winter & Xmas

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    Again, the children make as many words from the letters of the alphabet. This game has an extra level of fun christmas and winter words.

    All words in this game are supported by images. Recognize the image and spell the corresponding word with the letters of the alphabet. Super Spelling has 5 levels of 15 games including an extra level of fun christmas and winter words.

    The aim is to make words from the images you see. Drag the correct letter in the appropriate box below the image. To make things a tad easier for younger players, the letters and the boxes can be colored. Older kids can turn this of in the settings.

    As the game progresses, the words get more difficult. Super Spelling connects to your childs basic elementary school skills. The game starts out with easy three letter words and ends with words up to six characters.

    Use the app settings to adjust the game to your preferences. You can flip the game completely, so left-handed children play just as easy. Also letterhelp and colorhelp can be set, plus the lights in this Christmas edition can be turned off if you like.

    This special edition of Super Spelling has an extra level of fun. It hosts 45 extra christmas and winter words to spell. So with this app you get 225 words instead of 180 in 5 levels of gameplay.

    Every game starts out with 3 stars. If you make a spelling mistake a star or enable the letterhelp, it will cost you a star. The player who collects the most stars wins of course. Try again if you haven’t got the highscore of three stars per game.

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