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    *This software is intended for JAPANESE speakers. The translations are in Japanese. If you are still interested please try the Lite version first.*

    Having difficulty saying numbers in English? Don’t feel alone. Many people are the same. Japan’s number system and the English number system are very different. That makes saying numbers in English hard. This English Learning / Travel Tool is what you need.

    Large numbers are broken apart making them easy to understand. You will become able to say English numbers faster and easier than ever. It will even read the numbers to you!

    It also doubles as a calculator, so use it in your daily life and learn at the same time.

    English also has so many different ways to say the same things. This application will teach multiple ways when available.

    -1000 dollars = 1 grand
    -12 = a dozen

    *Please try the free version, which lets you use the basic numbers with no ads, before you buy.

    -Numbers broken apart to easily read.
    -Ordinal numbers. Example: 1st 2nd 23rd
    -Fractions. Example 1/3: One third 3/4: three quarters
    -Text-to-Speech will read all the numbers to you.
    --Click the top number for a full read out.
    --Click and other English area (number or text) for partial readout.
    -Built in calculator
    -How to talk about money in different ways.
    -Ever growing slang and useful numbers database.
    -How to say the date
    -How to say the time in English in different ways.
    -Convert temperatures from Celsius to Fahrenheit and back
    -Convert inches to centimeters and back
    ...and more.

    Usage Ideas:
    -Use it on vacation in America or other English speaking places especially Hawaii.
    -Learn new phrases and important numbers in America.
    -Haggle with people. Let it be the translator.
    -Bring to work and use it at meeting, emails, letter, and on the phone.
    -Make it your daily calculator and learn English at the same time.
    -Pull it out to check the time and practice saying it in English.
    -Buy American clothes on-line or in-person using the inches to centimeters converter.
    -Find out the size of your TV, bike tires, cell phone screen, etc in centimeters.
    -Learn your average body temperature in Fahrenheit in case of an emergency.
    -Just mess around and learn.

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