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    Tables n Maths is the th in a series of "Intelli-Gen Kids" apps.

    This app works nicely on all screen sizes, including phones and tabs. The UI adjusts automatically depending on the size of your device.

    As the name indicates, this app enables users to learn or test their knowledge of Multiplication Tables and other Math concepts of Adding, Subtracting and Multiplying numbers.

    The app works in two (2) different modes -

    Learning Mode
    Test/Game Mode

    In the Learning Mode, you can learn Multiplication Tables from 1 to 25, or learn about other Math concepts.

    In the Test/Game Mode for Tables, the user interacts with the app and selects from three (3) options to provide the correct answer for the selected table number and the multiplier (from 1 to 10). Score is also shown which starts at zero (0) and is incremented for each correct answer.

    The user can re-attempt a wrong answer and correct the answer. There are no failures for the user here :-). The app provides an iterative learning experience to the user in order to remember the tables correctly by practicing again and again until you become an expert and remembers all the tables.

    User Interface

    The initial screen shows numbers from 1 to 25. Tap any number to work with its multiplication table.

    On tapping a number, the next screen shows the multiplication table for the selected number in the "Learn" mode

    Tap the "Learn" or "Test" options" at the top to either learn the table or test your knowledge of the table for the selected number

    Tap the "Tables - At A Glance" button on the main screen to see tables for numbers 1 to 10 on the next screen, which helps you in learning these tables from one place/screen itself.

    You can also use the SWIPE gesture to switch between "Learn" and "Test" modes

    While in "Learn" mode, swipe to the LEFT to switch to the "Test" mode for the selected number

    While in "Test" mode, swipe to the RIGHT to switch back to the "Learn" mode for the selected number

    In the "Test" mode, tap any of the colored boxes containing the query or the "?" sign to see a window with 3 options and choose an answer.

    Tap the "Tables at a Glance" button on the main screen to see multiplication tables from 1 to 10 in one screen for easy learning.

    Tap the "Lets Learn Maths" button on the main screen to start learning Addition, Subtraction and Multiplication.

    Tap the "Addition", "Subtraction", or "Multiplication" options to start learning to add, subtract or multiply two numbers. A difficulty level of 1 to 5 can be selected from the top of the screen.

    Tap the "Squares" or "Cubes" buttons to see the "square" or "cube" values for numbers 1-25 and learn the Square and Cube values of these numbers.

    The overall user interface is pretty simple, intuitive, clean and pleasing that will surely appeal to you and your child to use this app again and again until your child has mastered all the tables.

    There are plenty other Tables / Maths apps available, but none with as clean an interface as this app provides. It really helps you and your child in learning the tables and maths concepts fast and in an uncluttered way.

    So, go ahead and download your copy right now to make your child an "Intelli-Gen Kid".

    Note: The Lite version is fully featured and allows you to work with Tables for numbers 1 to 25 and learn other Maths concepts.

    The ad-free version of Tables n Maths is available at:

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