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Tailwheel Transition

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    Tailwheel Training can make you a better pilot. Come equipped to your tailwheel training with a real understanding of tailwheel operations and terminology and procedures and you can become a better better pilot with RideReady.

    RideReady is fully compatible with FAA ACS (Airman Certification Standards) checkrides and our editorial team will work to keep it up to date with ACS as ACS further evolves.

    Oh, and did we mention that you'll probably save money as well, by being better prepared?

    Whether you're considering some tailwheel transition (endorsement) training, are already knee-deep in it, or already have the endorsement but could use a mental refresher, we can help.

    With material based both on the experiences of the CFIs and tailwheel pilots who are the authors of this app and specific FAA recommendations, our RideReady: Tailwheel Transition pilot will help you master the key things you need to know to fly a taildragger well and make the most of your training.

    The app contains hundreds of questions and answers designed to help certified "nosedragger" (tricycle gear) pilots get the tailwheel ratings. After all, the more you know before you go for your training, the more you can concentrate on the art of actually flying the thing!

    If you're like most pilots, RideReady - Tailwheel Transition will easily pay for itself in terms of lesser training time. Plus, it features free lifetime updates, so you can always get the latest and greatest material to refresh your memory later on. This app contains more content than many books on tailwheel training and is packed with pictures and diagrams to help you on your way as well.

    Our RideReady: Tailwheel Transition app will, in an interactive question-answer presentation style, take you through the key knowledge points as determined by the FAA and experienced CFIs that are crucial for safe and effective tailwheel operation.

    RideReady is the smart pilot's secret to checkride success!


    * Realistic Endorsement Ride Knowledge Materials
    * Unlimited Study and Practice - At your own pace, on your own schedule
    * Free Lifetime Updates. Get acquainted with the material weeks or months before your tailwheel course, study hard in the days leading up to it, and then brush up years afterwards.
    * Charts and Figures - Illustrate key points and help you learn
    * Current and valid for right now - As soon as you purchase and install this app, use the built-in update feature to get the latest and greatest content that we offer in mere moments. We regularly update the content to keep up with changes in practical test standards, FAA emphasis areas, and aviation technology.
    * Thousands of Success Stories - Every year, thousands of pilots use RideReady to learn or brush up the material to make them confident and ready to pass their FAA checkrides and related rides. We invite you to be next!

    Make sure you are looking at the right app for you!

    * This is FAA Practical Test (checkride oral exam) preparation software for AIRPLANE PILOTS LOOKING TO TRANSITION TO FLYING TAILWHEEL-TYPE AIRCRAFT (such as Piper Cubs, Piper Tripacers, Cessna 140s, and many more).
    * This is NOT FAA written (knowledge) test prep. If you want FAA written (knowledge) test preparation, check out our GroundSchool FAA line of products. Many pilots buy both RideReady and our GroundSchool-FAA apps as they work well together.

    Thank you for checking out RideReady!

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