TallEval Teach

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    TallEval = Tally + Evaluation

    Do you need to calculate a grade quickly? Or, keep tally? TallEval is the perfect tool for when you want to quickly track affirmations, correct responses or calculate WCPM. There are three to choose from: Group, Indiv and Teach.

    TallEval Teach is geared towards those who need all of the functionality in one place. The Teach app provides the following functions:
    1. Quickly grade up to 100 items
    2. Evaluate Affirmations and Redirections for effective positive classroom development (with timer option)
    3. Easily track a developing reader's WCPM
    4. Tally up to 4 items, individuals or groups (with timer option)
    5. Evaluate Correct and Incorrect Responses (with timer option)
    6. Evaluate On and Off Task behaviors (with timer option)

    Check out the other 2 TallEval Apps
    TallEval Group is designed for groups and games.
    TallEval Indiv is designed for those who work with individuals, such as Special Education Teachers or Therapists.

    Go ahead and try out TallEval to see how much it will simplify your tasks.