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    "TASUC Communication" is a support tool to assist communication with picture-based cards for verbally disabled children and people with developmental disabilities such as autism.

    Those children cannot tell their feeling easily, it is a big barrier for them to join society.

    Simple, intuitive, stressless user interface of "TASUC Communication" supply easy communication for those people.

    Usage shown on 'Usage'. You can watch manual movies on YouTube.

    1. Top
     Jump to 'Talk', 'Gallery', 'Help(Web)' page.

    2. Talk (Make a composition)
     Make a composition with picture-card.
    - A card is inserted to 'Talk Box' by tap, flip down and drag it.
    - Page is scrolling horizontally. Overscrolling turns over pages.
    - A card in 'Talk Box' is removed by flip down it.
    - 'Talk Box" is focused by press 'show button'. And voices of all cards are played.
    - History calls old composition.

    3. Gallery
     Show card list
    - Play voice by TAP a card
    - Jump 'Card Edit' by DOUBLE TAP a card
    - Reorder and move page by DRAG a card

    4. Card Edit, Create A Card
     Edit a selected card or make a new card
    - Edit card name, select page, record voice
    - Card image is created by album in device, taking a photo or text

    5. Settings
     Change settings

    ver1.0.1 2012/01/16

    Design modification in focus mode in "TALK"
    Add animation in focus mode in "TALK"

    Bug fix


    ver1.0.2 2012/03/12

    Design of toolbar was changed.
    Some bugs were fixed.

    ver1.0.3 2012/04/17

    Tune the UI balance
    Bug fix of Card Making


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