TEAS Math Review

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    TEAS Math Review app contains quick revision notes and tons of questions to help you preparing for the TEAS test and get into the nursing school of your choice.

    This app covers 51 topics. Each topic has quick revision notes and multiple questions. Questions are similar to the ones asked in TEAS common entrance exams set by ATI. They vary in difficulty levels ranging from 1 to 10.

    These 51 types are categorized as follows.

    • Numbers & Operations

    1. Order of Operations and PEDMAS
    2. Multiplication and Division Problems
    3. Decimals - Multiplication and Division 1
    4. Decimals - Multiplication and Division 2
    5. Approximation of Roots and Exponents
    6. Improper Fractions and Mixed Numbers
    7. Adding Fractions
    8. Subtracting Fractions
    9. Multiplying Fractions
    10. Dividing Fractions
    11. Fraction Problems in Words
    12. Rational Numbers
    13. Percent 1
    14. Percent 2
    15. Equivalent Percents Fractions and Decimals
    16. Percent Problems in Words
    17. Ratios and Fractions
    18. Ratio Problems in Words
    19. Direct Proportion
    20. Best buys
    21. Compound Interest

    • Algebraic Applications

    22. Addition and Subtraction of Algebraic Expressions
    23. Multiplication of Algebraic Expressions
    24. Algebraic Fractions
    25. Translation into Algebraic Expressions
    26. Evaluating Expressions 1
    27. Evaluating Expressions 2
    28. Linear Equations 1
    29. Linear Equations 2
    30. Linear Equations 3
    31. Setting up Equations
    32. Absolute Value
    33. Inequalities
    34. Solving Inequalities
    35. Systems of Equations (Linear)
    36. Setting up Systems of Equations

    • Data Interpretation

    37. Frequency Tables
    38. Grouped Data
    39. Two Way Tables
    40. Box Plots
    41. Histograms
    42. Bar Graphs
    43. Pie Charts
    44. Line Graphs
    45. Scatter Graphs
    46. Basic Probability
    47. Independent Events

    • Measurement

    48. Units and Measurements
    49. Estimating measurements
    50. Converting Units
    51. Time and Timetables


    On the completion of each test the user is given a summary of questions answered correctly, incorrectly and skipped along with the time taken on each question. Every question can be reviewed and all questions have an explanation of the answer.


    An interactive pie chart displays current progress for each topic. You can touch the different color slices of the pie and choose if you wish to answer only incorrectly answered questions, unattempted or correctly answered questions. This feature is very useful to achieve 100% score in each topic.

    After you have practiced all types of questions, you can take a Mock Test with 50 questions. The Mock Test has questions selected randomly from each topic. Scores for the mock tests taken in the past are displayed in a bar chart. This is a great way to track how you are progressing in mock tests. There is no limit on how many mock tests you can take.


    • Covers all 51 commonly found types of questions.
    • 509 multiple-choice questions.
    • Explanation with every question.
    • Option to choose the number of questions to test.
    • Progress meter helps to track progress, topic wise and mock test wise.
    • Ability to re-attempt only the questions you get wrong or correct or never attempted
    • Option to choose reset the progress and start from scratch.

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