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    College Vocabulary Master contains nearly 7000 vocabulary words at the college level and is perfect for students studying for the SAT, GRE, or any exam requiring knowledge of advanced vocabulary. We know tests such as the SAT select words based on their difficulty, confusion, or obscurity with regards to academic use. All our words are hand chosen so you don't waste time or effort learning words that are unimportant in obtaining a high score.

    Our software features:

    Nearly 7000 Vocabulary words picked for their difficulty and likelihood of appearing on the SAT and other college level exams.

    Sentence completion and definitions tests both your knowledge of words and their proper use.

    Practice lets you answer definitions and see results immediately.

    Test lets you test your knowledge of vocabulary words and see the results at the end.

    Timed allows you to answer questions against a timer.

    Drill lets you to memorize words.

    You can set the number of words from 1 to 100 and time limit from 1 to 200 minutes.

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