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    The Animal Game!

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    The Animal Game, a new kids app for Android, is the newest in kids educational games. This fun game quizzes kids on the silhouettes of over 40 animals and helps them learn animal names and appearances, critical thinking, and spelling. It is also a lot of fun!


    This game is a sure way to keep your child busy and having fun! The colorful pictures and backgrounds are great for kids who won’t ever want to shut this app off. Also, the challenge aspect of the game will keep your children wanting to play again in order to do better than they did their previous time, using less hints and skips.


    The Animal Game is also a great learning tool for young minds. This game teaches kids about animals and their names and shapes. It also teaches spelling as the children have to be able to spell the animal’s name correctly. This combination of naming animals based on their silhouettes also helps them with problem solving, critical thinking, and thinking outside the box because they are usually not accustomed to seeing animals that way and have to make connections to get the answer correct.

    *Ad Free*

    This app does not use any in game ads in order to protect children from seeing things that they shouldn’t.

    *How to Play

    This game is a very simple game for kids to learn. The game presents the player with an image of an animal’s silhouette as well as a random set of letters including those used to spell the animal name.

    The goal of the game is to determine which animal the silhouette represents and then figure out how to spell it correctly from the random letter set given. If only some of the letters are incorrect, the correct letters remain and the player is allowed to try again. This helps the kids know what they did wrong and know which letters to correct, helping them to learn how to spell more effectively.

    If a certain animal is too hard to figure out, don’t worry! The useful on screen help button will give a hint that may help determine what the animal is. The first hint displays the background of the image which could give clues from the environment about what the animal is. The second time the help button is hit the animal shows up entirely, so the player will be able to see it and determine its name and spelling more easily. If your child is still having trouble figuring it out, every time the help button is hit from this point one correct letter will show up in a random location.

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    Users comments for The Animal Game

    Morgan Painter

    by Morgan Painter

    Dec 26, 2012  |  "Awesome"

    I just downloaded this cute app for my little sister and she loves it! She really liked guessing the animals, and enjoyed the extra challenge of having to spell them. The game gives you "stars" which really got her excited to play. Her words exactly: "It's like learning as playing, but more like playing! Can I play this game more often?" I would definitely recommend this app. Great learning game!

    Alex Lind

    by Alex Lind

    Dec 24, 2012  |  "Awesome"

    What a fun game!! The bright pictures and cute sounds are keeping my kids very entertained. There are no ads to be seen, so it's very kid-friendly. Plus, they're learning how to spell animals, even some pretty tough ones! I can already tell this one's a family favorite.

    Nam Cuong

    by Nam Cuong

    Dec 24, 2012  |  "Awesome"

    The children in my household could barely put this game down. A great and challenging game which you can even play with your kids. Simple. I like it.