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    The Cytometry Toolkit comprises a number of different calculators that aid in setting up and running cytometers, including sorting flow cytometers.

    *Resolution calculator:
    Calculates the S or Separation parameter of two dim populations. Useful if you want a quickly test a new optical filter or a new dye in your assay.

    *Q B and S calculator:
    This calculator is like the Resolution Calculator by gives much more information such as the Quantum efficiency of the system, the Background and a calculated separation parameter. It also includes the Separation Parameter as reported by the Resolution calculator.

    *Simple Lens Calculator:
    Is used only for thin spherical lenses. This calculator calculates; the Laser Spot Size at the focus, the Wavelength, the Focal Length or the laser beam’s Diameter at the back of the focusing lens.

    *Two Recovery Calculators:
    Rmax# and Rmax %. These calculators calculate the recovery from a sort. One simply needs to sample the waste stream to assess the efficiency of the sort. Really useful in assessing if the Break-off Point is optimal and is a non-invasive way of calculating the recovery from rare population sorts without having to sample and count the rare particles.

    *Poisson sort Calculator
    An extension of the Recovery calculators though usable on it’s own, it will calculate the expected recoveries you should get back after a sort if your sort sample behaves in a Poisson way, that is, your particles in the sample are mono-dispersed. The calculator also reports the sort time.

    Feedback/suggestions are always welcome. I will update this periodically with bug fixes and new features for at least two years. I hope you find this useful…

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