The Farm

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    Molly Moccasins is a new kind of book series encouraging all young adventurers to read, play, think, investigate and imagine in their everyday lives while supporting early learning and literacy development. Within each story, Molly’s toes tingle in her special moccasins inspiring adventure and reminding her that, “a curious mind is never bored.”

    In this story, Molly and her family help some new friends on their farm for a day. It is a great deal of work to prepare the crop fields, harvest the vegetables, prepare items for selling and even build a new greenhouse, but it’s all worth it. After the long day, Molly delights in her discovery that food actually tastes better when it’s fresh from the farm!

    This version also includes:
    - read aloud functionality
    - text highlighting
    - interactive picture puzzles
    - story related activities
    - fun facts

    The creators of Molly Moccasins are dedicated to helping children around the globe so, for each story purchased, a story will be given to a child in need—story for story.

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