The Frog Prince

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    ★★ Will the beautiful princess kisses the ugly frog? ★★

    One of the most well loved fairytales has arrived in the Playtales Store!

    The Frog Prince written by the Brothers Grimm, is a lovely fairytale about a beautiful princess who meets a frog, after dropping her golden ball into his pond.

    The frog offers to help the princess in return for her friendship, and the princess agrees. But after the princess gets her golden ball, she runs back to the castle without the frog.

    Later, the frog appears at the castle. The princess doesn´t like the idea to let the frog in, but her father, the king, reminds her that she must keep her promise to the frog.

    Finally the frog magically transforms into a handsome prince and they will marry and live happily ever after.

    The Frog Prince is the perfect fairytale for readers aged 6 and up, which teach children the importance of keeping a promise, but also full of interactive surprises that bring a touch of magic to this classic tale.

    Illustrated and animated by Caroline Bonne Müller

    • Interactive fun guaranteed!
    • 16 pages to enjoy.
    • Colorful painted illustrations.
    • Text Narration.
    •Fantastic sound effects!
    ♫ Original background music and sound effects.
    • ‘Read by myself’ and ‘Read to Me’ options.
    • Adapted for children ages 6+.

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