The limiting reactant

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    Get familiar with the concept of a limiting reactant and the role it plays in a chemical reaction.
    Let's learn to differentiate between a limiting and an excess reactant. A balanced chemical equation tells us the stoichiometric ratios of compounds involved in a chemical reaction. However, in real life, we rarely work with stoichiometric amounts. What happens when there is not enough of one reactant? The reaction stops abruptly. How do you figure out the maximum amount of product that can be generated?
    To do so, you must be first equipped with the knowledge as to which reactant will act as a limiting reagent and which will be in excess.
    This app does exactly that! Beginning from a simple real life situation where children want to assemble robots from spare parts, the app takes you on a delightful ride where you extend this concept to actual chemical reactions showcased in the environs of a virtual lab. Deftly presented visuals and lucidly flowing text add to clearer understanding of the concept.
    All this is supplemented by a comprehensive package carefully crafted to consolidate your knowledge of the topic. The package contains a range of mentally stimulating learning resources such as quiz, key terms, vivid images, and the links to other websites giving the learner a choice to revert to these as many times as he wants..........
    We, at Designmate, have been engaged in bringing science at your doorstep through processes that have revolutionized learning like never before and have made it simple and hassle free for consumption by knowledge seekers.

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