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    This application brings to you full features and the biggest collection of quotes from many people around the world, from the past to modern time. I hope that you will see these quotes meaningful or helpful to you.
    This app requires INTERNET CONNECTION for quote translation using Microsoft Translator. There's no ads, no hidden run.
    For displaying author image, you need to download this extra:
    Some devices have small internal storage, so I decide to make author data as an optional. Also, you can customize author data more easily (see Readme in downloaded package)

    - FREE and NO-AD for lifetime
    - 2 big separately database of quotes: English (4500+ quotes) and Vietnamese (2500+ quotes). These databases are switchable in preferences.
    - Filter quotes by author and category.
    - 2 languages supported in user interface: English and Vietnamese
    - Display image and profile of author of each quotes (require external database package, please download at
    - Search information of author in Wikipedia in case the offline database unavailable
    - Translate quotes into many languages that supported by Microsoft Translator
    - Mark favorite quote, author and category
    - Share quotes to facebook, twitter, SMS...
    - Favorite box to display your favorite
    - Random box to show random quote with quote filtering

    * Widget:
    - Support many widgets on homescreen.
    - Each widget can be customized with its own setting, and quote filtering.
    - Battery power friendly.

    * Notification service:
    - Display random quote with filtering every period.
    - Battery power friendly.

    * Permissions:
    - INTERNET: for usage of Microsoft Translator service
    - VIBRATE: for physical indication of notification
    - RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED: for start widget refreshing and notification service. But note that the widget and notification service will have no background running if you turn it off.

    I tried to make it a comprehensive app for you to learn from wise and famous people. But everything must have mistake. If you find a bug or have some suggestions, please email to me at address

    Thank you and Best regards

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