The Quest of the Phoenix 1




    There was a time when darkness had surrounded the world and fear seemed to engulf all the hope. When despair seems to prevail, there is one and only hope left, the phoenix must rise to restore what evil had corrupted…

    Fourteen year old Tom never knew he was the tenth incarnation of the legendary phoenix until he met an unlikely companion who has just escaped the clutches of the evil queen of the darkness. A quest has just begun.

    Tom is anything but ready for what’s coming for him… the Nine Enivid. Will he surrender his courage at the last moment? Or will he confront his fate?

    The Quest is an interactive adventure series, based on popular 11-book series The Quest of the Phoenix. The readers can actively participate in this exciting adventure by choosing the path for the phoenix.

    This series truly turned an adventure story series into an intriguing and wild adventure for all readers. The readers can experience different adventures everytime they read.

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