The Real Deal




    The Real Deal is just that! The real facts and truths about sex, relationships, pregnancy, birth and parenting presented in a way that is youth friendly, easy to understand and use.

    With a number of different topics, a frequently asked questions section and a "Get Help" button, all the answers are at your finger tips - for both guys and girls. This App can help make a difference. Share it, talk about it and help link ...more...

    Those who need good information to a great source of support!

    Youth & Family Education Resources (YFER) has created this free to download App alongside youth consultants, to help young people access Real answers to questions and issues that affect them, their friends/family directly and to show them where to look for help.

    This App will support teenagers to access quality information on relationships, pregnancy and parenting as well as access immediate and confidential follow up support and connection to their local health/community services via social networking sites and mobile applications.

    This valuable tool will assist young people in the community to make important decisions based on fact and access quality support in a timely, confidential manner.

    YFER is an Australian based company providing innovative, high quality education programs & resources for adolescents and current & future families. YFER caters to the ongoing need for knowledge and informed choice around the journey to and experience of pregnancy, birth and early parenting.

    YFER is not politically, religiously or morally aligned with any organisation or group.

    YFER Directors are the original creators of the Core Of Life (COL) program and have a professional background in midwifery/nursing as well as lactation consultancy, childbirth education, mothercraft nursing and research. They have developed the COL program, which has now educated well over 250,000 adolescents and community members in schools and the wider community.

    Core Of Life education program can be viewed at as well as the teens section at

    The App which was developed with funding support from RE Ross Trust.


    The App was created by Tim Jessel and the team at Newline Development in Melbourne, Australia. Need an App for your business? Please contact us via our website -

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