The Talking Farm

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    Forget the expensive, bulky and old farms speaking children. Now the Talking Farm can bring with you in your pocket, ready to entertain your children if necessary. Traveling in line at the supermarket, waiting for the pediatrician, and in all situations where your children are bored and they start acting up! *****
    The Talking Farm is an educational game in Italian suitable for children up to 36 months. The game teaches your children to recognize animals and their ways through an educational and pedagogical part of the animal and the discovery of his verse right up to the building with two simple quiz to stimulate curiosity.
    For children eager to hear the sounds of animals simply for the sake of producing sounds curious and fun, then there is the opportunity to shake the device to hear the verses at random.
    Last gem is the nursery rhyme videos made especially for the Talking Farm tells the story of a friendly farmer and his animal friends!
    The Talking Farm is divided into five sections waterways quickly by pressing the red button center.

    *** Section 1 - Meet the animals
    Interact with the device and touching the animal to hear the verse.
    *** Section 2 - Guess the animal
    Guess the animal on listening to and touches the right person to continue.
    *** Section 3 - Where is the animal
    Find the right pet as listening and touching the right person to continue.
    *** Section 4 - Free Style
    Shake the device to listen to the sounds of farm animals!
    Section 5 *** - Learn and sing the rhyme of the farmer
    Listen to the rhyme of the farmer and stores to remember the words, images on video! Learn to recognize the animals and learn many new words.

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