The Turtle is Getting Married

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    The Turtle is Getting Married

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    Come and join us on the island at sea; visit the homes of A-Dong and A-Bei! Reading connects two people in the most beautiful way, discover the joys on the map while traveling with your fingers, and don’t forget to solve the puzzles so A-Dong can bring home his beautiful wife!

    Every place has its legends. Children’s literature author Qiao-Mei Li and Godfather of children’s literature illustration Ming-Jin Zheng coming together to tell you the story of Taiwan in its original creation!

    Artistic Banquet
    * Zheng Mingjing has over six decades of painting experiences, and excels at the demonstration of multi-media creation, bringing to children a wonderful feast of art via the unique illustrations on marine life and festivities in this book. Colored paper, crayons, correction fluid, fruits and vegetables were used for this picture book, with crayon drawn over a scrap book to distinguish the main characters in a delightful way. Stamps carved out of carrots demonstrate the round-table banquet unique to the Chinese community.

    Focused Reading
    * Local reading material helps to form diverse cultural aspects
    Designed for readers over 10 years old, locally specific reading materials expose children to the connection of reading and real life experiences, which help them to develop diverse opinions and the ability to think independently.

    * Nonfiction reading helps to cultivate in-depth comprehension
    Delicately designed nonfiction interactive booklets encourage readers to develop the ability to reconstruct, interpret, criticize and elaborate on the text through reading and learning of relative knowledge, and extend from text comprehension to in-depth understanding.

    * Thematic reading helps to train the ability to read non-linearly
    Elements within the picture book are extracted and extended into thematic interactive booklets, guiding readers on the discovery of further meanings via thematic reading materials, and train their ability to read diverse texts in a non-linear fashion.

    Digital Experience
    * Picture Book
    Touch the screen to glide thought the HD picture book.

    * Interactive booklet
    Extensive reading materials presented in text, images, 3D illustrations and interactive contents to enhance the reading experience.

    * Fun Map
    Continue down the reading route; discover local legends and features as the story unfolds along the map.

    * Mind Game
    Two games of Troubling Chef and Flip the Yehliu Rocks are in place to train puzzle-solving and memory retention.

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