Times Tables Classroom

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    Times Table Challenges is a creation of Inidimman Consultants who create educational applications for children of school age. These Times Table Challenges are designed to reinforce mathematical learning by improving the speed and accuracy of children's mathematical calculations. These calculations are the building blocks for a wide variety of mathematical disciplines and for solving mathematical problems. This application concentrates on multiplication, but includes division due to the simple, inverse relationship between the equations.

    This version concentrates on bringing mathematical applications to the classroom. Times table practice is a standard exercise in school and this app aims to make the process easier by challenging the students, monitoring their individual progress and providing immediate feedback on their answers.

    - Children's times table challenges
    - Multiplication and division
    - Up to 30 players allowed, ideal for classroom use
    - 30 challenge levels to complete
    - Timer counts down from 3 minutes
    - Progress wheels indicate how many challenges are complete for each player
    - Progress of each player displayed from Beginner to Master
    - Practice screen for all tables up to the 20x table
    - Practice screen times the player and stores the best times in a Top 5 Score Board with their names
    - For use with hardware keyboards and soft/virtual keyboards
    - Straight forward presentation, no gimmicks
    - No advertising
    - No hidden costs