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    TIX Clock widget. This is a TIX clock widget with a difference.

    Please Note: If you are looking for a simple Smartwatch version of this app, please search for 'TIX' on your on-watch Play Store on your smartwatch.

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    This is the free version of our TIX Clock widget. You can upgrade to the full version by purchasing the upgrade in the app itself.

    Did you know that you can download the schematic for an LED TIX Clocks from the internet and build one yourself. But for those of you who just want to carry one around with you in your pocket, then this is the widget for you.

    The free version of the app which you can install right now, comes with large squares pre-set TIX style and no other settings changes

    How to read a TIX Clock:
    The time 12:34 reads as 1234 without the colon, that is 1 square/dot (Red), 2 squares/dots (Green), 3 squares/dots (Blue), 4 squares/dots (Red). It really is that simple to read the time.

    If you would like to use all of the features below, you can unlock them directly from within the app.

    * The widget can be used on any screen or
    * Manually set the colour for each individual digit
    * Select from 14 different layouts style
    * Set the colour for the background
    * Text to speech On/Off facility
    * Tap to set an alarm feature
    * Tap to hear the time feature
    This clock is really easy to read once you get used to it, give it a try...

    If you want to know how to read a TIX clock, please click on the video above.

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