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    Published: 2012-09-07, by .

    Let your kid experience every season

    • Enjoyable
    • Excellent and detailed graphics
    • Perfect for kids
    • Free version is short

    "What can we do in the summer?"

    Tizzy Seasons is an educational game for kids from 2 to 6 so they can learn everything about the seasons.

    The different activities depend on having the lite or the full version installed.

    In Spring, they will be able to feed the birds and in the full version they can plant a garden, find shapes in clouds and other several actions. In Summer, they can blow and pop bubbles and with the full version it's possible to make an ice-cream, catch butterflies and other several more. When Autumn comes, the kids can organize the leaf collection and carve out pumpkins and harvest fruits in the paid app. Last but not least, in the Winter Season, your kid will have to make sure to get dressed in enough layers and the premium features include building and decorating a snowman and playing with the stars, among other things.

    It's been a long time since we saw and enjoy graphics as beautiful as these and the kids will be satisfied with the enjoyable activities and charismatics characters. The sound effects are also great and the app has no advertisement, which is appreciated. The only disadvantage is that the free version only includes one activity from every season and the game ends up being too short.

    Tizzy Labs, LLC is the developer of Tizzy Seasons Lite for Kids and its full version with all the features. Let your kids enjoy every season for its own activities and help them interact and learn.

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    Sep 07, 2012


    Tizzy Seasons, is a beautifully illustrated educational game designed to teach your kids about the Seasons of the Year.

    Learning about the Seasons of the Year has never been so much fun!!! With this beautifully illustrated, imaginative play app from Tizzy Labs, you will be able to help your child explore their natural wonder and curiosity of life, as they experience Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter.

    Filled with Fantastic Activities, your child (ages 2-6) will have fun while they learn about the Seasons of the Year. Take a look below at some of the Activities that Tizzy Seasons has to offer:


    - Feed the Birds in Your Child's very own Birdhouse
    - Plant a Garden
    - Find the Shapes in the Clouds
    - Build a Kite and then Fly it
    - Feed the Ducks in a Beautiful Pond


    - Make a Delicious Ice Cream Sundae and then EAT It
    - Blow Bubbles and then Pop them.
    - Help the Family of Frogs Jump to their Lily Pad Home
    - Trim the Hedges and Watch what Shapes you can Create
    - Look at and catch a Wonderful Assortment of Butterflies


    - Carve Out Your Very Own Pumpkin
    - Organize your Leaf Collection
    - Harvest the Fruits and Vegetables from the Garden You Planted
    - Pick and Sort Apples from Your Very own Apple Orchard
    - Help Rake the Leaves in the Backyard


    - It's COLD Outside!!! Make sure to get dressed in enough layers
    - Build and Decorate a Snowman
    - Look up at the Night Sky and Play Dot to Dot with the Stars
    - Light up your Tizzy Seasons House with Beautiful Twinkling Lights
    - Build a Snow Sled from Scratch then go sledding

    Plus so much more!!!

    - Imaginative Play designed to teach your child about different activities during each Season
    - You can choose to play as either a Boy or a Girl
    - Fun and Fanciful Music Soundtrack that sets the mood for each Season
    - Sound Effects galore that really help to enhance your child's
    Imaginative Playtime
    - No In App Purchases
    - No Ads Whatsoever


    1) What kinds of activities are featured?
    There are all sorts of games for your child to enjoy. Connect the Dots ( Dot to Dots ), Matching Games, Sorting Games, Color and Size based Games, Counting Games, Imaginative Games, as well as reinforcing the basics using Cognitive Learning Skills, Visual Spatial Skills & Fine Motor Skills.

    2) Does my child need to be able to read English in order to play?
    Absolutely not. Tizzy Seasons uses activities, instead of text based games to show your child all the fun of the Seasons. Regardless of the country you live in your toddler /or preschooler will be able to pick up this app and have a blast playing it.

    3) Is there a free or lite version I can try to see if I like it first?
    Yes. It has all the beauty of the full version, but some of the game and activities are not available. The Free version will definitely give you and your child a fantastic idea of what Tizzy Seasons is all about.

    6) Will this game work on my device?
    Most likely. It has been tested on a number of devices and android operating systems including the Kindle Fire, Galaxy Tab, Google Nexus, many Android phones as well as the iOS version on the Apple iPad, iPhone & iTouch.


    What are other people saying about the Tizzy Labs line of Imaginative Games?

    "Lots of fun for young kids! Has simple, fun puzzles for kids of all ages. Highly recommend!"

    "My 4 year old daughter absolutely loved this game!! It is simple and intuitive enough for her to figure out most of the puzzles without any help. She was really proud of her accomplishments."

    "Puzzles galore! Makes grocery shopping and doctors visits stress free. Thanks!"

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