Toddler Zoo Animals And Sound+

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    Kids love animals! Beautiful animals and sounds. Our animals were hand picked from the most popular zoo animals. It Features great pictures and sounds that will keep your toddler entertained and learning for hours. The app is simple and your toddler can press anywhere on the screen to play the sound that corresponds with the animal.

    Toddlers love seeing the same animals over and over helps them learn and they will come back to the same animal sounds again and again. They are so cute to watch!

    All the usual toddler animals and some extras. You may not even know what sounds some of these animals make. You might find yourself sorting through the app. Let them learn and have positive visual and audio stimulus. Tablets are supported for Toddler Zoo Tapper Pro. In fact it looks great in and is tested with both phones and tablets. I just wish we had entertainment like this when we were kids.

    Over 65 zoo animals and their sounds included in "Toddler Zoo Tapper"!

    Toddlers love to learn from realistic photographs, we have designed this app with incredible photographs.

    New - Touch the name of the animal and hear real voice - not text to speech of the animal's name.

    No annoying ads!!