Tutoriapp Arithmetic Tutor Pro

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    This is the ultimate basic Math tutor app that uses handwriting recognition, speech synthesis and an Arithmetic expert system capable of creating detailed, step by step Arithmetic problems solutions on the fly.
    The use of these technologies maximizes the kids learning by stimulating their SIGHT, HEARING and TOUCH senses. This basic Math tutor really fits any individual learning style.

    Multilingual support (English and Spanish) for written and spoken languages. Switch the language from app settings.

    App highlights:
    1. The Arithmetic tutor teaches step by step how to solve the four basic arithmetic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division)
    2. It's handwriting recognition system lets kids solve basic Math problems using their own handwriting, as they naturally do it on a physical notebook.
    3. Kids can ask their own Arithmetic problems and the expert system will create a step by step solution explanation on the fly.
    4. It includes five difficulty levels, from basic to expert.
    5. It includes lessons for Kids to learn the Arithmetic operations terms that are used throughout the explanations.
    6. The Guided Practice activity provides Arithmetic problems created on the fly that challenge the kids. It also provides a tutor ready to provide a detailed problem solution, in case the kids have any question.
    7. Dynamic arithmetic problems content changes each time you run any tutor app activity.

    It's like having a human Math teacher available anytime to ask him your own questions (but without paying the high fees)

    This is the best Arithmetic tutor app ever made because it was designed from the ground up by a multidisciplinary team (pedagogues, engineers and tutors) to address the three types of learning styles:

    1. Visual learners will take advantage of the visual aids used throughout the tutor app:
    * Fully animated, step by step arithmetic problems solutions.
    * Summarized written instructions are displayed as the solutions are explained.
    * Different colors are used to highlight the operands being used in the problem solution.

    2. Auditory learners will make the most of listening to the speech synthesized explanations that the app generates in real-time (no pre-recorded explanations).

    3. Tactile learners (prefer to learn via experience) will gain problem solving experience by using the interactive practice and assessment activities, which require them to solve problems as they would do it on physical notebooks or whiteboards, by using their own handwriting and touch gestures.

    This unique pedagogical approach mimics the way we learn in school from a human basic math mentor !

    By getting this paid Math tutor app you will be sponsoring the development of new subjects using this state of the art virtual mentor framework.

    Learn Math with this unique virtual Arithmetic teacher.