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    The target audience of this program includes parents and therapists who are teaching elementary language to non-verbal communicators. See the example below for clarification.

    Two Speak is an augmentative/alternative communication tool to foster the development of communication skills. The application features easy-to-use technology for those who are developing basic language skills and are new to the use of assistive technology.The TwoSpeak teaching system is a low-cost alternative to assistive technology devices costing hundreds of dollars.

    Description and Example:
    The Two Speak app records 10 seconds audio for playback at the touch of a full-screen button. To use the TwoSpeak application, the parent or therapist can record a message for the learner to use. To teach cause and effect for the word 'more,' the user can record the word 'more' before asking questions like: 'Would you like more water?' or 'Would you like to play more?' At first the learner must be guided to press the button to show that it makes sound. Following the response of playback, the parent or therapist should allow more play time or give the learner more water. This linking of question, response, and action will assist in developing more complex levels of communication.

    This application is free for users who will review it. Just download the app and give your honest opinion. Thanks for your help. ~The MTE Mercy Team

    MTE Mercy does not recommend that this product be used as a substitute for speech therapy. This tool is intended to enhance the learning experience of both parent and therapist.

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