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Valley Anesthesia MemoryMaster

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    Valley Anesthesia MemoryMaster

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    The leading National Certifying Exam preparation resource from Valley Anesthesia with more than 4,000 question and answers is available for smart phones and tablets. Studying for boards on the go has never been this easy!

    Prepared by leading anesthesia professionals over the last 20 years, the MemoryMaster system is the leading resource to ensure certification exam success and to progress your professional career.

    MemoryMaster is a collection of over 4,000 questions and answers designed to facilitate the memorization and understanding of a large body of anesthesia-related facts, concepts, and issues. MemoryMaster content is categorized according to the Content Outline provided by the National Board of Certification and Recertification of Nurse Anesthetists (NBCRNA). MemoryMaster content areas are:

    I. Basic and Related Clinical Sciences
    II. Equipment, Instrumentation & Technology
    III. Basic Principles of Anesthesia
    IV. Advanced Principles of Anesthesia
    V. Professional Issues

    Question are presented in a flash card format by default and may also be viewed in a side-by-side questions-answer pair List view. Each question can be marked for review, creating a new Review set of content. After you have mastered a Review question, you can remove the question from the Review set. Questions marked for review are indicated by red typeface in the normal card sequence.

    MemoryMaster also allows you to build Custom flash card sets from the Content Outline…make a custom set of the content you want to review.

    •Over 4,000 question
    •Flash card or List views
    •Add individual questions to a Review set to hone your focus and mastery of selected content
    •Create Custom flash card topic sets from the content outline
    •Images and equations
    •No internet connection required
    •References can be shown or hidden
    •High priority topics are indicated by a lightning bolt or bulls-eye
    •Questions marked for further review appear in red typeface when viewed within their category
    •The app supports any orientation you put it in
    •Text and images automatically scale to screen size

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