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    We are an education based website that covers every taught subject area in the United States. Our highly informative lessons, grouped with engaging exercises, and supplementary materials ensure that the most thorough and accurate information is being conveyed. Not only do we pride ourselves on the thoroughness of the website, we also allow our community members to join in the knowledge sharing experience. Members of the VideoClass community have the option to share or sell their knowledge by making their own, original video lessons, exercises and supplementary materials.

    The Video Class application allows ease of access to all of the features included on the VideoClass website. The listed ”School” subject areas of Biology, Chemistry, English, History, Literature, Mathematics and Physics each are compiled of a detailed curriculum. The “University” level is currently being expanded but the subject areas included are Social Sciences, Humanities, Natural Sciences, Formal Sciences, Professions and Applied Sciences and Medicine. By choosing any of the subject areas, listed are all of the elements taught in the specific subject. Each element or subcategory is where the video lessons, exercises and supplementary materials are located. Video lessons are aligned and created with the Common Core State Standards Initiative as the basis for each lesson. The exercises are textbook quality and testing standard appropriate. The user has the capability to adjust the level of difficulty and track their retention on the application for ease of reference and accomplishment. The multiple choice answers and tools for working out a problem assist the user in successfully answering a question. If the user is to get an answer wrong, they have additional times to work out the problem and successfully solve it.

    Supplementary materials are accessible in the form of word documents and PDF files which can be directly viewed and/or downloaded onto the viewing device used by the user. The “Learning Trees” are the VideoClass basis of all learning. Each tree has branches (subcategories) which lead to leafs (videos, supplementary materials, exercises). These branches replicate the learning process and how one area taught, lead to the next, to new learning and growth. All elements that can be accessed on the website are readily available for access on the application. These elements are listed, but not limited to: Video Lessons, Exercises, Answers, Learning Trees, Supplementary Materials, Basket, Report a Problem, Contact, F.A.Q., Jobs, Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, VCRecorder, Request a Lesson, and Sell/Share Your Knowledge.

    The “Sell/Share Your Knowledge” allows users to contribute their knowledge, video lessons, exercises, original supplementary materials and any other type of information pertaining to a subject area covered on the website. The user may opt to sell their “knowledge” by placing a rate per view or download on the material. Once this is purchased by a buyer, they own the material for their own personal use. Please visit our website to view all of these elements and to become familiarized with

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