Vivo Miles




    Vivo is now available through your Android phone!

    *For Students*

    Use the FREE handy Vivo app to check your Vivo points balance and view your latest rewards. NEW order from the shop!

    Vivo is the award-winning school rewards scheme designed to engage and motivate every student to perform their best.

    Students earn points called "Vivos" for their achievements and efforts at school they can redeem on the rewards of their choice including sports equipment, mobile phone top-up and Prom tickets.

    *For Teachers*

    With the Vivo app, you can award your students Vivo points directly from your phone.

    Simply download the app for FREE and reward your students anytime and anywhere; on the sports pitch, in the corridor or at the school gate.

    *For Parents / Guardians *

    With the Vivo app, you can check your child's Vivo balance to see how they're being rewarded on a day-to-day basis, and manage pledges that encourage them to perform better at school.

    Download the FREE app and start tracking your child's school rewards anytime and anywhere.

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