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    This is Vocable, Free Version:

    ✓ Over 250 words and roots to train with (the Pro Version has over 1000!)
    ✓ Perfect for GRE, SAT, MCAT tests and exams
    ✓ Formatted for phones and tablets
    ✓ Become a vocabulary GENIUS

    Vocable represents a new way to expand your vocabulary. Instead of rote memorization (like a dictionary app), we help you improve by focusing on the Greek or Latin ROOT of a word. Learning in this way allows you to accurately deduce the meaning of words that you haven't even seen before!

    Proactive learning techniques, like those used by Vocable, are proven to rapidly to increase your rate of learning, recollection speed, and the amount of information you retain.

    Do you know what that means? With Vocable, you will become a vocabulary GENIUS!

    Our team of lexicographers have meticulously poured over pages and pages of current GRE, SAT, and MCAT tests and exams, compiling the most commonly used Latin and Greek roots from thousands of sources. The result is a highly honed collection of root/word combinations that are guaranteed to SUPER CHARGE your vocabulary.

    You will blow through any of those tests with ease once vocabulary definitions begin to come naturally. And due to the speed of learning and improved retention, you will have more time to study for other sections of the test.

    "I hope to convince people to challenge themselves to improve their knowledge with this old, but powerful, learning technique. Root-learning represents an exciting and useful area of education that is just now being rediscovered, and the possibilities this opens up in an age of such rapid communication are just beginning to be realized."

    -Dr. Nomingway, expert lexicographer

    -This particular style of learning was thought to have been pioneered in Alexandria in 300 B.C. to assist in the teaching of Ancient Greek.

    -Vocable has been observed to DOUBLE your vocabulary rate of recall.

    -Over 70% of English words contain a Greek or Latin root.

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