Volume Calculator

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    Do you need to learn how to determine the volumes of cubes, prisms, cylinders, pyramids, cones and spheres? If the answer is Yes then this App is for you. The Volumes Calculator not only calculates the answers for you but it also tells you the formula used to calculate the volume of the shape you selected.

    The App is simple to use. Just enter the marked values such as sides, height, the radius, etc and the volume will be calculated for you.

    To enter a value for a height, side, radius just touch the diagram on or near the one you want to specify. The keypad pops up. Enter the value you want and select OK. Select the other values and do the same. When the App has the required information for the shape it will calculate the answer for you and show the formula used.

    The values that need to be provided for each shape are shown surrounded by a red box. After you have entered a value then the red box disappears.

    To start over select 'Clear All'. All values for that shape are reset.

    You can select what shape to calculate the volume for using the control at the top of the screen.

    You can change the units shown for the values by pressing the Preferences button, selecting the units you want and select Save.