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    Building a Web site design business

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    This Ebook is part Coaching To Empower a online Community learning how to make money in the online market place.

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    You learn best when you consume information in multiple formats, so watch it, read it, listen to it, and then discuss it (in the comments at the end of the lesson)

    Coaching To Empower …where you’ll finally get the method, the support, and the tools you need to build a sustainable low-maintenance income online.

    Newbies (People just getting started in internet marketing this site is for u learning about how keywords work and how google ect.. see your sites networks, Choosing a niche, getting started building your sites is a basic step and can take a long time but is most important).

    Start by working your way down this page work on parts 0ne and two Download the Video and Audio Lessons start to get i idea of the work u are going to need to do to start making money and then if u think u are able to put to time in to building a money making network join this site and work on Parts 3 4 and 5 Download Core Videos – nearly six hours of “over the shoulder”

    We’ve helped hundreds of frustrated internet marketers get past the $1000 per mouth in this way.

    Coaching To Empower Community
    Helping who We can.

    Overveiw of Ebook -

    Chapter 1 - Introduction

    Chapter 2 - The First Steps
    Start off on the right track. Use the guideline provided to develop a business
    plan that will keep you on the path to success.

    Chapter 3 -- Web Site Marketing Secrets
    The focus in this chapter is on niches. You will also discover some marketing
    secrets that will change the way you look at Web sites.

    Chapter 4 -- Designing for Success
    Get the most of your design time and learn about some very effective tools for
    creating the kind of results your clients will love.

    Chapter 5 -- Attracting Clients
    No clients… no business. Effective advertising is the key to pulling in contracts.

    Chapter 6 -- Dealing with Clients
    Your “people skills” are just as important as your design skills. Use
    communication tools and techniques that will help you build a positive
    relationship with clients.

    Chapter 7 -- The Legal Stuff… Proposals and Contracts
    A Webmaster business is built upon contracts. A good proposal can make the
    difference between working and not working.