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    Turn UFO's into IFO's with WhatSat - Satellite Explorer!

    WhatSat - Satellite Explorer helps you identify and learn about satellites that you see passing overhead in the night sky. It can also be used as a satellite spotting aid. The satellite catalog includes 150 or so of the brightest orbiting objects as identified by NORAD. If you want more information about about the satellites you are seeing instead of just getting a name and a number (what is an Ajisai (egs) anyway?), this app that does that. For each satellite listed there is a description and an image (when available).

    When you see a satellite, run the app and it shows a list of the satellites that are passing over you. You get a description of the satellite and an image. The app also
    shows you a ground track of the satellite to give you some idea where and how far away it actually is.

    To use the app as a satellite spotter, take it out when satellites are making visible flybys. That is, just after dark and right before sunrise. The app tells you what's
    overhead with a visibility indicator for each satellite and the elevation and azimuth are shown to help you find the satellites. The map view that shows the satellite
    ground tracks can also help.

    When you spot a satellite you can tag it as "seen". This cool feature lets you keep track of all the satellites you have spotted and compete with your friends to see who
    can spot the most. Our developer's record is nine tagged satellites in one 45 minute session. The catalog view shows all the satellites in the tracking database, highlights your tagged satellites and shows the total number of satellites you've tagged.

    WhatSat - Satellite Explorer is a great tool for learning something about what's going over in the night sky.

    Note: WhatSat requires cell service or WiFi to access the server that does satellite flyby calculations.


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