Whose Child?




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    About the Book

    Your Child, My Child, Whose Child? Bringing reality to bare! Revolutionalising the way human beings view life with the sole aim of making the world a better place! The 'status quo' is both dangerous and unsustainable! Our children, the children of this world deserve better!

    Eze Nacho has emblazoned his name on the sometimes fickle world of book writing with the emergence of his second book titled 'Your Child, My Child, Whose Child?'. As the author of ‘Hard Hitting’! The Real Truth about Men, Marriage and Infidelity, Eze has distinguished himself with a real topic that indeed asks real questions of real people. He has stirred up further intrigue and debate with a new and challenging topic in this second book, which takes the reader on a journey through their own psyche and consciousness. He calls us all to appreciate that every child belongs to all of us, as no baby nominates the family or nation they are born into and whoever or whatever we are or achieve, is primarily down to fortune or misfortune . He also projects the fact that an unruly child has more potential to bring mayhem to mankind than all wild animals put together. This is because of the vast potentials of human beings, in terms of cognitive ability. Wild animals' ability to plan is limited, they cannot make, use or deploy weapons, they are seen as wild animals and are avoided and they do not attack unless threatened or hungry. The reverse is the case with unruly children and adults and as such, Eze queries on page 39 'did human beings really evolve from apes and monkeys?'

    The responsibility lies with everyone to ensure that the children of this world are properly nurtured because, evil knows no bounds and a dangerous person represents a serious risk to you and your loved ones. Eze reveals that the real weapons out there are human beings because, no weapon has ever used itself to cause harm to human beings. He urges society to place the warning signs on the agents that make weapons dangerous (human beings). That way, more attention is likely to be paid on how babies are nurtured into adulthood. This book is a must read, as it tackles some myths and unfounded assumptions human beings make about life, that have contributed to the crisis our world is experiencing today. He makes the point that maintaining the 'status quo' is dangerous and clearly unsustainable.