Word Recognition Level 3

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    Word Recognition Level 3

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    Word Recognition Level 3 gives your child the opportunity to learn grade appropriate sight words. Level 3 is intended for rd grade students and is a compilation of several traditional sight word lists.

    There are 60 words in this level. Each group of 10 words has 4 activities:
    1. Tracing the letters in the words
    2. Mixing and matching letters in words
    3. Hearing and guessing the words
    4. Seeing words flashed on the screen and then guessing them

    This app was created by educational professionals, including reading specialists, with over 30 years of experience working with struggling readers.

    * Based on the Common Core Standards for 3rd Graders.
    *Give your child a head start on literacy.
    * Correct answers get immediate and consistent praise while wrong answers simply ask them to try again.
    *Multi-sensory learning creates a high degree of interactivity through voice, written words and animations.
    * Individualized feedback every step of the way.

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