Wordbook Player

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    This is the wordbook appli.
    Input questions and answers, you can manual and automatic learning.

    1. learn to switch the file created.
    2. shuffle questions, and swap questions and answers.
    3. change the background and sound effects.

    [ Requirement ]

    OS: Android version 1.6, 2.0, 4.0
    Resolution: 480 x 800px or higher
    Language: If the language is set to Japanese, the Japanese representation.If not set to Japanese language will be English notation.

    [ How to Use ]

    1. execute appli. open manual learning panel.

    2. tap edit button. open edit panel.

    3. input question and answer by tapping every cell of question and answer on table.

    4. tap save button. open save panel.
    change file name, select any directry(folder). tap save button.
    * file is saved ".xml" format.
    tap back button. back to edit panel.

    5. tap back button. back to manual learning panel.

    6. tap open file button. open "open file panel".
    tap the file saved earlier. back to manual learning panel.

    7. question list is displayed.
    tap question. question's answer appears.

    8. tap automatic learning button. open automatic learning panel.
    flick the screen of question or answer, question and answer is displayed in order.
    tap order play button. question and answer will be displayed automatically every 5(default) seconds.

    <Edit Panel buttons>

    new file --- create new file.
    open file --- open file.
    save file --- save file.
    delete file --- delete file.

    back --- back to manual learning panel.

    add row --- add row.
    insert row --- insert row.
    delete row --- delete row.

    up, down --- specify row number of insert or delete. long tap: automatic rapid up and down.

    <Manual Learning Panel buttons>

    open file --- open file. long tap: reload opened file.
    shuffle --- shuffle the order of questions.
    swap --- replace questions and answers.
    edit --- open edit panel.
    settings --- open settings panel.
    automatic learning --- open automatic learning panel.
    question list --- answer appear.

    <Automatic Learning Panel buttons>

    up, down --- change the interval time(second) of switching question and answer. long tap: automatic rapid up and down. max is 600 seconds(10 minutes).
    direction --- change the transition direction(top <---> bottom or left <---> right) of question and answer.
    settings --- open settings panel.
    manual learning --- open manual learning panel.

    skip previous 10 questions --- skip to 10 questions before.
    first --- skip to first question.
    middle --- skip to middle question.
    last --- skip to last question.
    skip next 10 questions ---- skip to 10 questions after.

    previous --- previous question.
    reverse play --- playback questions in reverse order.
    stop --- stop playback.
    loop --- change to display questions loop or no loop.
    order play --- playback questions in order.
    next --- next question.

    <Settings Panel item>

    home directory --- input directory(folder) path on startup. (exp: /sdcard/Document/Wordbook Player/)
    sound effect --- select sound effect. (no sound, sound effect 1-6, specify the sound effect file)
    sound effect file path --- if select "specify the sound effect file" in the sound effect setting, input file path of sound effect.
    *Support file format: m4v, m4a, mp4, mp3, 3g2, 3gp, flac, mid, midi, xmf, mxmf, rtttl, rtx, ota, imy, ogg, wav, ts, acc
    * Even file formats that support, the codec used to compress the file may not play.
    question background color --- select question's background color of automatic learning background color.
    answer background color --- select answer's background color of manual and automatic learning background color.
    credit --- refer to the information of appli.

    [ Caution! ]

    Unfortunately the software does not work, please return product within 15 minutes after download.
    If less than 15 minutes, you can receive a full refund.

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