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World Geography

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    EvoBooks develops enriched curriculum content, offering educational materials and interactive 3D models for computers, tablets, smartphones and digital boards. Our proposal is to facilitate the teaching and learning processes, taking into the classrooms an evolution of the printed textbook.

    - World Geography app, features main aspects of cartography, physical, political and society geography, including interactive maps, three-dimensional models and much more!

    - The relationship between countryside and urban areas
    - Terrain and soil structures; internal and external agents
    - Urban-industrial area formation
    - Mineral and energy resources; exploration and impacts
    - Earth’s internal structure
    - Main vegetation areas around the world
    - Cartographic Projections; reading thematic maps, physical and political; modern technologies applied to cartography
    - Water resources; watersheds and their exploitations
    - General atmospheric situation and climatic classification

    ------------Features and tools------------
    o The latest generation of 3D Graphics
    - Browse freely through highly detailed and enriched objects
    - Display many animated objects

    o Guided lesson system with complementary content
    - High quality text to explain the content
    - Single touch system that moves through the lesson

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