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    Published: 2013-11-29, by Janel.

    Algebra calculator that generates step-by-step solutions

    • Solves for more than one variable
    • Shows you every step of the solution
    • Really well designed
    • Can only use for free a limited number of times

    "Solve for X and Y and P and Q and G and E and J and..."

    Algebra got you down? Numbers not your forte? Math Underground's yHomework may be just the tool you need - it's an algebra calculator that solves for unknowns, step-by-step.

    Enter the equation or equations with up to three variables (for example, 3(x 5)=6y and 7y-3=2(x 2)). Hit "Solve" and let the digital geek get to work. A few seconds later, you'll not only have the answer, but also be able to check out every step of the solution, just like you would solve it in a notebook. You can even change the method of solving if you like, using either addition or substitution.

    There's a coin system in the app, so you have a limited number of times you can set the geek to work for free.

    If you're learning algebra, this could be a fantastic tool to deeply understand how solving equations works. Just be sure to use Math Underground's yHomework for good, not for evil.

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    Nov 29, 2013


    Having trouble with algebra?

    Equations, inequalities and graphs leave you frustrated?

    Tried to solve the problem but you're not sure you got it right?

    Meet yHomework - the math solver that actually works 100% of the time!
    No gimmicks, no fuss, no excuses - we simply give you the an instant full step-by-step solution and explanation.

    yHomework is an easy to use Math solver, just enter your question or equation, and the app will immediately give you the answer together with the full step-by-step solution!

    Say you have: 3x+5=8

    Not sure what to do next? Just type it into the app and get the step-by-step solution with just one click!
    It's just that simple! 1.. 2.. 3.. and you're a math whiz!


    Current material covers:
    Simplification, single unknown equation, 2 equation sets, quadratic equations, radicals, Inequalities and function graphs, GCD/LCM, prime factorization, trig and more.

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