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    Questions Young People Ask—Answers That Work, Volume 1, will provide you with the tools you need to become a responsible adult. It is our hope that as you apply its advice, you will join the millions of people, both young and adult, who “through use have their perceptive powers trained to distinguish both right and wrong.”—Hebrews 5:14.

    1. How Can I Talk to My Parents?
    2. Why Are We Always Arguing?
    3. How Can I Earn More Freedom?
    4. Why Did Dad and Mom Split Up?
    5. How Can I Deal With My Parent's Remarriage?
    6. How Can I Get Along With My Siblings?
    7. Am I Ready to Leave Home?
    8. How Can I Make Good Friends?
    9. How Can I Resist Temptation?
    10. Why Should I Care About My Health?
    11. What Can I Wear?
    12. How Can I Boost My Self-Confidence?
    13. How Can I Stop Being So Sad?
    14. Why Not Just End It All?
    15. Is It Wrong to Want Some Privacy?
    16. Is It Normal to Grieve the Way I Do?
    17. Why Am I Afraid to Share My Faith at School?
    18. How Can I Cope With Stress at School?
    19. Should I Quit School?
    20. How Can I Get Along With My Teacher?
    21. How Can I Manage My Time?
    22. Caught Between Cultures—What Can I Do?
    23. How Can I Explain the Bible's View of Homosexuality?
    24. Will Sex Improve Our Relationship?
    25. How Can I Conquer the Habit of Masturbation?
    26. What About Casual Sex?
    27. Why Don't Boys Like Me?
    28. Why Don't Girls Like Me?
    29. How Do I Know if It's Real Love?
    30. Are We Really Ready for Marriage?
    31. How Can I Get Over a Breakup?
    32. How Can I Protect Myself From Sexual Predators?
    33. What Should I Know About Smoking?
    34. What's Wrong With Binge Drinking?
    35. How Can I Break Free From Drugs?
    36. Am I Addicted to Electronic Media?
    37. Why Won't My Parents Let Me Have Fun?
    38. How Can I Make Worship of God Enjoyable?
    39. How Can I Reach My Goals?

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