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    Questions Young People Ask—Answers That Work, Volume 2.

    This book will also provide you with opportunities to express your thoughts. The Bible urges you: “Acquire wisdom, acquire understanding.” (Proverbs 4:5) The words “wisdom” and “understanding” imply more than simply knowing right from wrong. You need to see the big picture. For example, knowing the consequences of a wrong course as well as the rewards for doing what is right will help you to face up to peer pressure with confidence and courage.

    1. Am I Ready to Date?
    2. Secret Dating—What's the Harm?
    3. Is This Person Right for Me?
    4. How Far Is Too Far?
    5. Why Stay a Virgin?
    6. What's Happening to My Body?
    7. What if I Hate the Way I Look?
    8. Why Do I Have to Be So Sick?
    9. How Can I Deal With Loneliness?
    10. Why Did My Friend Hurt Me?
    11. What About Online Friendships?
    12. What's So Bad About Gossip?
    13. How Can I Do Better at School?
    14. How Can I Protect Myself at School?
    15. How Can I Resist Peer Pressure?
    16. A Double Life—Who Has to Know?
    17. What Should I Know About School Friendships?
    18. How Can I Make Some Money?
    19. How Can I Manage My Money?
    20. What if My Family Is Poor?
    21. How Can I Deal With Criticism?
    22. Why So Many Rules?
    23. What if My Parent Is Addicted to Drugs or Alcohol?
    24. What Should I Do if My Parents Argue?
    25. Can I Be Happy in a Single-Parent Family?
    26. How Can I Control My Emotions?
    27. Why Do I Feel That I Have to Be Perfect?
    28. How Can I Avoid Homosexuality?
    29. How Can I Keep My Mind off Sex?
    30. Should I Play Electronic Games?
    31. How Can I Keep Music in Its Place?
    32. How Can I Have a Good Time?
    33. Why Avoid Pornography?
    34. Why Live by Bible Standards?
    35. How Can I Become God's Friend?
    36. How Can I Defend My Belief in God?
    37. Should I Get Baptized?
    38. What Will I Do With My Life?

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