3 Shell Game Magic Trick

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    The Magic Shell Game is a magic trick that you can actually perfrom right on your smart phone or tablet. see video for demo.

    The game is also known as "Three Shells and a Pea", "Thimblerig", and "The Old Army Game". This version of the game allows multiple possible effects to be performed beyond what is possible in the classic street game. The game incorporates full multi-touch capability allowing multiple objects to be dragged simultaneously and is easily reset to allow multiple routines to be performed. Just like the classic street game and any great magic trick, it allows for high levels of audience participation, is self resetting, and stands up to full examination.

    Example effects:
    1. The game can be demonstrated by the operator, handed off, and inspected to play as a legitimate “follow the pea” game. After the audience’s confidence level of being able to follow the pea is high, the operator challenges any spectator to pick the shell with the pea. The spectator exposes a shell and now loses as the pea was not revealed! The operator allows the spectator a second chance without reshuffling and loses again. The operator or spectator can touch the remaining shell to expose the pea.
    2. The operator is blindfolded. A spectator is challenged to hide the pea and shuffle the shells. The blindfold is removed and the operator exposes the pea on the first try!
    3. Variation of effect #1 where a shell is exposed and moved to the edge of the screen out of play. With only 2 shells, the spectator is still unable to pick the correct shell when challenged.

    Note: To perform the above effects and others, the game requires the use of a small inexpensive item that can be readily found in most households.

    Details of how to perform the above effects are disclosed in the end user agreement prior to installation.

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