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    3D face acupressure, is a health care applications, simulation of 3D head let you know very clearly the position of head acupuncture points, different from the application of the general picture, so you can know more clearly the various acupuncture pointsparts in this busy and the economy, society, is a very essential program!

    Acupressure, first try the "temple", attending the head, eye, temporal, cheek disease │ headache, eye pain, migraine headaches, colds, facial palsy, trigeminal neuralgia. From the middle of the eyebrow and the outer corner of the back about a cross-refers to the temple. Massage method, toggle, gently make a fist, the thumb knuckle rubbing acupuncture points, and pushing out from the inside, about 10 seconds, rest for five seconds left, right, five minutes, daily morning and evening each time.
    Then "100" points, attending headache, dizziness, high blood pressure, uterine prolapse, neurasthenia, insomnia. Middle of the straight lines and sharp-eared in the head (ears forward fold), at the intersection of the connection. A little fist, rubbing acupuncture points with the thumb metacarpal joint ten seconds, rest for five seconds, for a total of five minutes daily morning and evening time. There Taichong Point, attending headache, dizziness, insomnia, high blood pressure, regulate menstruation, mastitis. At the foot back, foot big toe and the toe, the toe seam two inches. Riding right foot placed in the left knee, pressing acupuncture points on the left hand middle finger pulp, rubbing from bottom to top, about 10 seconds, rest for five seconds. The left foot Ibid. Left and right foot five minutes a day early and late each time.
    Daily health, sleep should be sufficient, life to the law, to bed before 11pm, daily for more than seven hours of sleep. Avoid stress, daily moderate exercise. Avoid causing headache, allergic foods, such as cigarettes, alcohol, coffee, cheese, chocolate, hot dogs, etc., in order to reduce the headache opportunity. However, the physical sensations are not the best or seeking treatment in Chinese medicine practitioners in order to obtain the most correct treatment.

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