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    3DMix is a mix of small activities (14 currently) using stereoscopic 3d (currently running and tested on EVO 3D).
    Each have a 3D cursor on the right, that increases or reduces the amount of stereoscopic 3D (and will move the scene if there is no stereoscopy, as there will be only one camera working), another cursor on the left that does various things depending on the activity, and some use the touchscreen. Just explore and have fun!
    I will frequently update it, at least during 6 months, and will try to have the drawing activity working enough to actually draw something (it is not obvious as it is currently allowing to draw at any depth, so it keeps all steps of drawing to redraw at will. Using layers will allow to use raster draw (on texture)), and simple games that make good use of 3D :).
    And if you suggest something cool, I will try to implement it. If it does not work (some things simply do not work in stereoscopy, or the auto-stereoscopy is not good enough) but is easy to showcase, I might do it still (and give for free in a separate application).
    It might not work (in autostereoscopy) with LG Optimus 3D, but it should. Please contact me if you have any feedback.
    It was built using Rajawali and use the Rajawali's Examples code for the listing of the activities. Rajawali is gaining maturity very quickly and is a very great library, flexible enough to do things like 3DMix (where several things had to be tweaked).
    In the extended watch the mode can be changed by pressing the middle of the screen, the top curve by pressing on the curve, and the style of the curve by pressing on the top right of the screen. In the last mode, with the moving filter, this last can be changed by pressing on the bottom of the screen (currently 4).

    No ads, only the application.

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