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    ★★ Sensational Oriental Card Game of this year ★★
    ★★ You can check game playing video ★★

    GODORI(Gostop or HWA-TOO) is famous card game especially in korea.
    in Japanese famous as 'KOI KOI' or 'Hana Fuda'
    HWA-TOO is consist of 48 cards, 12 group.
    each player receives 10 cards at start. the goal of this game is collecting card as possible as you can.
    some card combination gives you additional score.

    this 'Storm GODORI' is local network game using the iPad and two iPhone(Smartphone) Both
    you need 'Storm GODORI Controller' and 'Storm GODORI' both to play this game.
    the role of iPad is deck and board. smartphone is card controller for each player.

    [Connecting Devices]
    1. tethering
    -> turn on tethering in iPhone menu
    and connect iPad and another iPhone
    2. local Wifi
    -> connect iPad and two iPhone to the same Wifi network.

    [How to play the game]
    1. start 'Storm GODORI' on iPad.
    2. start 'Storm GODORI Controller' on your Android phone
    3. and press the start button on Android and check the ip address of iPad
    4. press the start button in iPad.
    5. and Shake or Swing the Android with your turn card will go to the iPad server.
    6. each Player can swing their own card.

    Client Application(Storm GODORI Controller)is available on Whole Android Phone and iPhone 3GS, iPhone4, iPad1, iPad2, iPod touch 3rd Generation, iPod touch 4th Generation.

    Server Application(Storm GODORI)is available on iPad1 and iPad2. (We're Preparing for the Android Tab series and Kindle race)

    *. be careful while playing this game.
    you can get hurt by swing iPhone and slipped off iPhone from the hand

    *. this game require iPad and two Controllers to play this game.

    *. tethering and wifi is required to play this game.

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