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    This free game can offer you a new experience of tank shooting on a base. You can choose any airplane you like, and choose any base country as you wish. This free application can bring you hours of training and endless fun on Android devices.


    You can have choices of airplanes and countries as you wish.

    You can train your shooting skill and activity reactivity in this game.

    You can download this application on mobile phones and tablets.

    There are four military powers in this game and all the fighters are from these four countries. These countries are America, China, Soviet Union and Britain. You know that many fighters which have taken part in the World War Two are created by Britain.

    You need to choose a country first because all the fighters are classified on the basic of their countries. You may not know which country you should choose because each country’s fighters have their own features. You can choose one and choose another later.

    Try your best to wave your mobile phone to get the maximum acceleration in longitudinal direction. When your mobile phone reaches the maximum acceleration, you need press the reducing volume key quickly. The quicker the acceleration is and the slower the other direction's acceleration is, the higher your score is!

    Try your best to keep your mobile phone stable to press the volume up key. When you press that key, the more stable your phone is, the higher score you will get! In your war field, you have to wave your phone in longitudinal direction as fast as possible and then press the reducing volume key. It only sustain several seconds. Then you can press the volume up key to shoot the enemy. Remember to keep stable of your mobile.

    The TUTORIALS can tell you how to play this game so that if you still have puzzle with something, you can get a help from it.

    Download this free application Air Battle now! Have fun with this game! If you are satisfied with this application, just leave us 5 stars and you can also share this free application with your friends. If you have a feature request, let me know and I am easily contactable via email. Please don't just give me a 1 star rating and go away.

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