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    This app is designed for those who believe typing using a keyboard is too mainstream and are ready to try something completely new.

    This app requires a server running on the PC to which it is to be connected.

    P.S. If you do not want to try something on PC, You should download "Jiffy Launcher" , available on Play Store instead. It is an android launcher which allows you to draw in air to launch apps or call people. A must have app.

    Link :

    The server can be found at :

    This app will transform your device into a virtual pen, enabling you to write in AIR as you would with a pen. What ever you write is transformed into a keyboard input on your PC connected on the same wi-fi network as your phone.

    Air Type is highly user friendly. It does not require you to write in a specific way, orientation or speed. Train your device with your own handwriting, and you are ready to scribble in air.

    1.Download the server (.jar file), run it by double clicking
    2.Start Air Type
    3.Enter the ip address, visible on server
    4.Press Done.
    5.The device should now be connected to the server

    This app was developed at IIIT-Delhi by :
    Udit Verma (
    Shubhansh Agrawal (
    Nikhil Nagpal (

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