Aladdin and wonderful lamp

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    Aladdin and wonderful lamp

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    “This article is about the original Middle-Eastern folk tale. For other use of the characters and storyline”

    ** THIS WONDERFUL APP IS ALL ABOUT A STORY BASED ON ALADDIN (A Imaginary story) which is really interesting)

    **Aladdin and (wonderful lamp)

    **Aladdin and (the magic lamp)

    ** Who is Aladdin?

    ** what the story is all about ?

    ** How he get the lamp ?

    **What are the difficulties he faced after getting the lamp ?

    ** What happens when he meet the King’s daughter.?

    ** The most interesting part when a huge (JIN)( A HUGE MONSTER) COMES OUT OF LAMP

    ** The story is about wishes of Aladdin &

    ** How he fulfilled his wishes.?

    ** And at last how he conquer the trust of the king.

    **This app is complete "Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp" it’s a famous story and one would find it interesting with many turns in the story so, go for it, that will be beneficial to you at every end. so why to wait grab it Download Now >>>

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