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    **This is the Donate (Paid) version of the All True Horoscope - it doesn't have any extra features over the free version but does help keep the developer supplied with coffee :) **

    The All True Horoscope includes several advances over the old-fashioned conventional type you can see in many magazines and papers.

    Using amazing techniques developed through centuries of patient study by men and women all over the globe, we have been able to not only increase the accuracy to almost 100%, but we have also been able to compress the unwieldy twelve categories of the conventional astrological horoscope into just one!

    Please note: The All True Horoscope is for entertainment only. It is not based on conventional astrology, but is very probably at least as accurate as any astrological horoscope.

    Some eagle-eyed users have spotted that it gives pretty much the same horoscope for everyone. This is a feature, not a bug, and is quite deliberate. In fact it is one of the key reasons why the All True Horoscope is so amazing - it works for everyone, every day!

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