Aloha! Funnest Drinking Game!

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    Aloha! Funnest Drinking Game!

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    - Do you always go home alone after a drinking party??

    - Did you arrange for a house party, then people found that no fun, and worse, all the girls left together?

    - Do you know why? Its the heat. What game brings up the hit?? YOU BET! IT'S ALOHA!

    Honestly, you do not know what that is.

    However, it works magic. It's invented by a PUA, and it helps YOU to bring the heats up at a house party.

    Well, honestly, what game do you play while you are drinking then actually help you to get the job done? (You know what I mean)

    This will be the game that help you to get the job done. What would you lose? One dollar? Not even enough to buy a can of beer.

    Trust me, it's fun. It does not need any other tool either, beside Alcohol, lol.

    I personally play this game at house parties hundred of time. I get what I want, I have fun, and now, whenever I arrange for a house parties, people come early.

    Enough said, this 2.99 will be well spent. Try it, if its fun, refer to your friends. (Don't be selfish, lol)

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