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    Animal ABC Alphabet for Kids - set of wild nature photos with description, from Alligator and Antelope to Yak and Zebra.

    List of animals:
    01 Alligator. Alligator from Oasis Park
    02 Alligator. Albino Alligator in Water
    03 Antelope. Blackbuck antelope of India
    04 Antelope. Antelope in Samburu
    05 Baboon. Olive baboon
    06 Baboon. Baboon with mother, Tanzania
    07 Badger. European badger
    08 Badger. American badger
    09 Camel. Dromedary camel
    10 Camel. Bactrian camel
    11 Cat. African wild cat
    12 Cat. American feral farm cat
    13 Deer. Stag Red Deer
    14 Deer. White-tailed deer in Canada
    15 Dog. Labrador Retriever
    16 Dog. Mixed-breed dog
    17 Echidna. Short-beaked echidna
    18 Echidna. Echidna curled into a ball
    19 Elephant. African elephant in Tanzania
    20 Elephant. Asian elephant in India
    21 Fox. Fennec fox
    22 Fox. Red fox from Colorado
    23 Frog. Australian green tree frog
    24 Frog. Panamanian golden frog
    25 Gazelle. Mhorr gazelle
    26 Gazelle. Thomson's gazelle
    27 Giraffe. West African giraffe
    28 Giraffe. Giraffe bending down to drink
    29 Hamster. Syrian hamster
    30 Hamster. Roborovski hamster
    31 Hippopotamus.
    32 Hippopotamus. Hippo underwater
    33 Jackal. A black-backed jackal in Namibia
    34 Jackal. Golden jackal
    35 Jaguar from Norfolk, England
    36 Jaguar. Melanistic (black) jaguar
    37 Kangaroo. Red kangaroo at Taronga Zoo
    38 Kangaroo. Western grey kangaroos
    39 Koala. Mother with joey on back
    40 Koala on Kangaroo Island
    41 Lemur. Ring-tailed lemur
    42 Lemur.
    43 Lion. Male lion
    44 Lion. Female lion (lioness)
    45 Manatee. Antillean manatee
    46 Manatee.
    47 Meerkat. At Victoria, Australia
    48 Meerkats At Auckland Zoo
    49 Newt. Red-spotted newt
    50 Newt. Alpine Newt
    51 Nightingale. Common Nightingale
    52 Octopus.
    53 Opossum. Virginia Opossum
    54 Parrot. Blue-and-yellow Macaw
    55 Parrot. Uvea Parakeet
    56 Penguin. Adelie Penguin feeding young
    57 Penguin. Humboldt Penguins
    58 Quail. Brown Quail
    59 Quail. Mountain Quail
    60 Quelea. Cardinal Quelea
    61 Quelea. Red-headed Quelea
    62 Rabbit. Eastern Cottontail
    63 Rabbit. European rabbit
    64 Rat. Laboratory Zucker rat
    65 Rat. Brown rat
    66 Salamander. A fire salamander in Greece
    67 Salamander. Southern torrent salamander
    68 Scorpion. Compsobuthus werneri with young
    69 Scorpion. The deathstalker
    70 Tapir. A Baird's tapir in Belize
    71 Tapir. A mountain tapir
    72 Termite. Worker termite
    73 Termite. Worker termite
    74 Viper. Mexican west coast rattlesnake
    75 Vulture. Griffon Vulture soaring
    76 Walrus on Alaska, Bering Sea
    77 Walrus. Young Pacific walruses
    78 Wasp. German wasp
    79 Wasp. European beewolf
    80 Yak. Yak at central Nepal.
    81 Yak. Domestic Yak at zoo in New York
    82 Zebra. Zebras in Mikumi, Tanzania
    83 Zebra. Zebras in Botswana

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