Animal sounds




    This application will be interesting not only for children.

    Do you think that you know all the sounds that animals make? Open the application and make sure it is not! Learn the voices of animals with the children.

    Sounds are divided into 5 categories:
    -wild animals
    -water animals

    Total application contains more than 90 unique sounds and images of animals, for all animals their name is indicated.

    Only real photos of animals are used to bring the children closer to them.

    The application is suitable for developing games with the child and to take the child for a while.

    This application will cheer you and your children.

    The application is very simple to manage. You must select a group in the top tab. A short press on the image of the animal will reproduce the sound, with a long sound and an enlarged image will appear on the screen.
    Sounds of animals for children support work both on phones and on tablets, optimizing resources and images under appropriate screens and permissions.

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